Evil forces conspire to prevent knitting…

The world is against me knitting…

The decorating is at that gruelling preparation stage. The badly painted “glow in the dark” yellow walls have resisted all attempts at sanding – paint has been daubed over badly stripped wallpaper and glue giving a “jaunty and individual” surface. Everything I use to sand just clogs. I’m seriously considering lining paper (Last time I wallpapered was 20 years ago and it was very very bad).

So what’s that got to do with knitting I hear my readers cry!

Well, after 5 hours of hanging onto my cute little Black and Decker electric “Mouse” sander while it jiggled loudly over the paintwork, my right wrist, elbow shoulder are killing me. It hurts in the bones and joints! So much so, it was hard to find a comfortable knitting position. Not to mention the rough, dry hands.
Then my knitting was commandeered by the Ginger Knitting Devil …

Thug says, “Thou shalt not knit!”

Then he flashed his evil “Don’t knit, cuddle me” eyes at me. I gave in…

Just what can a girl do?

I gave up, poured myself a drink, settled Thug on my lap, nursed my aching arm and vowed to take a day off from the decorating – I’ll knit tomorrow….

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  1. Maggie
    Maggie February 2, 2007 at 2:57 pm |

    Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot of extremely difficult renovating there. The kitty is looking very calm and cool, however…smile! Hope all your soreness subsides soon!

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