Knitterly Treats

I have to share…

…I’ve been shopping for knitterly treats…..

……And I’m not talking yarn…….

………I’ve been lusting after one of these for 18 months…….

…………A Namaste Needle Binder!!! 😛

It works like a lever Arch file and has “pages” inside to store your needles in….

Like this…

There are different pages available and you can buy them separately – this pic shows a large needle holder and a storage pouch (like a big pencil case).

Here’s one of the small needle holders and one of the handy pouches on the inside wall…

You also get to see my motley collection of needles – A good half of which are as old as me and have been inherited!!

Now, after the raving and “ohhing” at how pretty it is, a couple of practical observations.

Most of my needles are about 35cm long, end to tip. These stick over the top of the pages and, although they do fit in the case, you have to be careful how you zip it.

I have 6 pages of needles (3 big needle pages and 3 small ones). You can only zip the bag if these are pushed to the bottom of the bag, not at the high point of the clippy rings. Do-able but not well thought out. The bag needs to be a bit taller!

There are pages for circular needles – I’ll not use those because I have mine in a CD case from Ikea, like this.

Credit for that idea to Uknitty
(Who really must start blogging again !)

I do have lots of sets of DPNs though. Currently thrown in one of the pouches.

And Crochet hooks. Where’s the page for those??

I am however, very pleased with it – I now have nearly all my needles in one place (20mm and 15mm wouldn’t fit!) in a holder that looks good in the living room.

Oh, I nearly forgot – I got mine from Foreign Strand – they sell both the binder and the extra pages in the UK so no worries about import taxes!

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  1. lynne
    lynne July 20, 2007 at 10:29 am |

    That’s so funny, i just saw this needle binder while surfing the internet yesterday (when i should have been working) and have been drooling over it since. I also like the bags they do. Was a little put off by the price, but do really like it. Might go with the Ikea CD case in the interim ~ very neat idea.

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