Super Noodles!

I’ve been doing more unknitting. Or frogging, or unravelling, or unpicking to give it a few other names (that’s just the polite ones).

This time I was unknitting Keats. I thought I’d show you a quicker way of actually unravelling the knitting….

All I did was start a section off then thread the end of the yarn onto my ball winder. I then folded the knitting into a bunch so I could hold the unravelling edge in my fist and wound furiously. The ball winder did all the pulling out for me – I have to say – it was strangely enjoyable! 😛

I still had to wind the yarn from the ball into skeins on my swift. I did this by pulling the centre of the ball and winding it on to the swift and tying it like I showed you in my last post. If your winder doesn’t make centre pull balls you could always poke a needle through the centre to let the ball spin round freely.
I was just finishing off this stage and had a lovely collection of Skeins hung over the back of the chair like this …

…when Ben came in and said,

“Yum! you’ve knitted me Super Noodles!”

It transpired that, as a student, these were a major food group for him 😕

I had to admit, there was a striking similarity! I tried to tempt him to eat them….

I just managed to rescue my yarn and wash, dry and reball it before he doused it in ketchup and devoured it…I’m not convinced that Pure Merino Wool would taste worse than Super Noodles! 🙂

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  1. teeweewonders
    teeweewonders March 23, 2008 at 6:38 pm |

    Hmmm… unknitting sounds a wee bit less painful than frogging. Got to admire the method though. As for the noodles, I think I may prefer the Chinese version to the sheepish version. 🙂

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