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It’s been a bad knitting week 🙁 Do I mean a bad week to find time for knitting or that I’ve knit really badly? Unfortunately…Both! 😳 We have spent the last few weekends decorating our office at home. It really needed doing – we spend a great deal of time in there and it was […]

Very Fluffy Progress

I’ve been decorating again – this time our office where we both frequently work from home so huge disruption at our house! Computers and cupboards in every room, getting in the way 🙁 Not as much inspiration as decorating the knit room but at least this time we have the furniture and just needed to […]

Knitting up that Sales Yarn…

So which project to start first from my “snuffled up greedily in the sales” yarn? First – what exactly is the scope of this resolution?? What yarn to I mean? Hmmm…every thing in this blog post “Yarn Sales – Being Good, Bad and Disorganised“, plus the gorgeous, green cashmere from my last post. Actually, It’s […]

The Joy of Late Trains

Knitting has a wonderful ability to change my response to situations. My trains have been late, cancelled, crowded and generally a disorganised mess since the snow in December. MPs are now involved and there is a growing call for Southeastern Trains to loose their franchise all together. As a beleaguered daily commuter on this shabby […]

Finished Flag

I have  finished Flag and it’s great! A couple of evenings of dull garter stitch and careful seam sewing for the sleeves and I was done 🙂 The pattern did call for a crochet edging all around the edge but I have not done that. Partly because crochet now aggravates a tendon in my elbow […]

Easy for the Train

Do you ever pause, just before dashing out of the house in the morning, saying to yourself, “I can’t face that train journey without some knitting”? I do! Apart from being valuable knitting time, knitting helps me ignore the the “less pleasant and irritating” aspects of some of the other commuters. Anyone who has ever […]

Yarn Sales – Being Good, Bad and Disorganised…

Christmas is over and that means just one thing to me – The Bluewater John Lewis yarn sale!! Most of my ridiculously obese stash can be blamed on the temptation of those wonderful reductions on Rowan yarns 🙂 Apparently, there is a sale in the rest of the store too but I’ve usually spent all […]


Happy New Year! You may be wondering how I’m getting on with Flag – after all, I’ve had the Christmas break to knit haven’t I?? The truth is … I’m Flagging (pun intended!)  It has gotten so boring! I’ve finished the fun intasia “flag section” – that was a pleasure to knit and has come […]

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