Things That Look Like Knitting

Have you noticed how many things are in the shops that feature a knitted pattern or texture? Or am I just finely tuned to knit-spotting?

I talked about the yarnish candles, knitted tissue box and knitted mug in my post Yarn to Burn already…now I seem to be seeing knitting everywhere.

In the comments to that post, BatOutOfHell told us about the knitted vases in Debenhams…

There were two … small one and large one (both in the sale at the moment!!)
I couldn’t resist…

From Looks Like Knitting

They look terrific in the freshly decorated snug.

Lovely detail on these…

From Looks Like Knitting


And then I was in Waitrose and noticed their mince pies and Christmas puds…

From Looks Like Knitting

Since when was cabled knitting Christmassy? I do like it though!
My last knit spot was when I was searching for a new dining room table and chairs. My old pine table was old enough to vote and to have been to university and falling apart.

I spotted an add on the TV. It was a chair. It was knitted. The cover to the seat pad? No…

What do you think of this beauty?

From Looks Like Knitting

They are “High back Grass Chairs” from Oak Furniture Land.

I think they are actually woven and not knitted but that looks astonishingly like stocking stitch to my eyes.

From Looks Like Knitting

Although I loved the knitterliness of these chairs, I couldn’t buy them. My main reservation was that that texture is very similar to a cat scratching post. Kitty LOVES her scratching post and is very well behaved, strops her claws  regularly on her post and doesn’t attack the furniture. I could see myself setting up for some huge “cat damage” problems if I bought these! And they were a teeny bit rough and might catch clothes…and Ben said he really didn’t like them and…and…OK ..I accepted they weren’t going to work and  started looking at other chair about then!

This is what we bought, from Oak Furniture Land so the “marketing at knitting fanatics” tactic clearly worked

….still attracting some suitably respectful cat-attention though!

From Looks Like Knitting

It’s a lovely solid table with two leaves that make it huge – big enough for sewing up the larges of knits and the squares in the back of the chairs pick up the glass panels in our doors beautifully 😀

So have you done any Knit-Spotting? Seen any stylish knitted homewares?  Let me know!

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  1. azterya
    azterya November 13, 2012 at 1:21 pm |

    I like the way the chair backs curve.

  2. Karen@colourinsaimplelife
    Karen@colourinsaimplelife November 13, 2012 at 10:58 pm |

    Hi Susan, I’ve got that same table (well nearly, mine is smaller and is square with the two pull out leaves either side making it rectangular), and I also ummed and ahhed about chairs. I ended up buying 4 quite expensive brown leather dining chairs – very nice, but as attractive to my cat as a scratching post! Sadly, Cleo isn’t with me any more and I really appreciated your kind words at the time, and I was equally sorry to hear about the gorgeous thug and mewsley. I would now describe my dining chairs as distressed! Your chairs look fabulous.
    Best wishes.

  3. Hopecharm
    Hopecharm August 30, 2013 at 7:59 am |

    I know this post is almost 12 months old but I have been looking for some ribbons to finish off a project to recover a noticeboard and I came across a website called craftyribbons, which has knitting and sewing related themes on ribbons, just thought Id mention it in case it helps anyone starting out on Xmas projects/presents etc., PS I love the table.

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