Willie Warmer – Hot tips!

…that’s a hot tip as in “hints ‘n’ tips “. Tsk!! How could you think such a thing! 😳 Much hilarity at my knitting circle this morning – one of our number (who will remain nameless) is a little fed up with being teased (ribbed??) by a male colleague about her knitting. He frequently demands […]

Buck the Starbucks Bear is Missing!!

I’m heartbroken ! Buck the Bear has disappeared from my local Starbucks. See the post here about his birth… Buck the Starbucks Bear No one knows where he has gone -perhaps missing in the shop (but the staff have hunted high and low)? …Accidentally dropped in a bin ? ……Stolen by a malicious ex employee? […]

Kidsilk Kebab – New Layout!

To get me started on my blog, I’d used the same colours and layout theme as Ben’s web site – very pretty, I thought, but plagiaristic. So I’m going to try this theme out for size. It originally came with goldfish in the top right hand corner – Lord knows why??? Thanks to Ben’s fabulous […]

To Blog or Not to Blog – that is the question…

I have been nagged mercilessly by friends, family and a geeky “web centric” partner to blog my knitting exploits… So here I am. See my “Who’s writing” page if you want more about me… I have two beloved cats I need to introduce you to.I do not apologise for loving them dearly – they will […]

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