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Soft and Green Snuzzle Scarf

The Earth Stripe Wrap (ESW) is coming along well. I’m into the third pattern repeat and, to be honest, its getting a bit boring now. Absolutely beautiful but I’m fed up with changing colours! πŸ˜• I’d show you a picture but it’s just more of the same… When I got home from Yarncrawl2 with this […]

Afternoon in the garden….

I was very good Friday! I did all my household chores so the weekend would be free for more fun things like helping a friend clear brambles from her new allotment. Yep, I’m strange – I like that kinda thing! πŸ™‚ After a hard day of chores I thought, “I’ll sit in the garden, watch […]

Spangle Gloves & Scarf Set Be-Ribboned and Finished

It’s All Done!!! I have finally finished these gloves after lots of frogging and swearing trying to get the second cuff right πŸ™‚ They match the spangle scarf posted about here spangle-scarf-in-woven-cables and here spangle-scarf-done. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by poking my fingers under the twists of cables and wondering how […]

Spangle Scarf in Woven Cables

After my horror at the colour run with Ben’s Brooklyn jacket I’m not enthused sewing it up. I usually sew up really fast because I’m excited to see the end result – bah. To make myself feel better I have rewarded myself with a cheerful “easy” project I’ve been hankering after. From Knitting- WIP From […]

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