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New Books Page

Because of the interest when I’ve mentioned my favourite technique books, I’ve posted a page on them – take a look…Essential Knit Books I hope it’s useful 🙂

Fair Isle Space Invaders…

My elbow downwards is still playing up and aggravated by gripping normal straight needles. So, I thought, lets try some socks. The latest issue of Knitty had some fantastic geeky Space Invader socks. Ben – being a retro gaming, console collecting Geek – just has to have a pair of these! He even checked that […]

Ouch! It hurts!

I think I may have knitting related repetitive strain injury. No, I’m not joking – this hurts. 🙁 All of a sudden, my wrist and elbow hurt, my fingers are getting pains and going “pins and needlesy” and I’m getting odd pains in my thumb and fingers. All on my right side. I think I […]

Glade from the waist up….

Just a quick post to show you Glade’s progress…. I’ve done the hem edging for the sleeves, sewn it on and finished the top half (all except the front edging which goes on last). I was especially pleased with the way it fitted together – stitch to stitch perfect with no need to jiggle, easy […]

My Mum’s Latest Knitting…

Like most knitters – my Mum taught me the basics of how to knit. I grew up watching her fingers flying so fast they blurred, producing beautiful knitted garments. Usually even faster at a “good bit” on the TV 😉 . Mum knits small items mainly for a particular local charity and occasionally for very […]

Keats is Finished!

I finally did it. I completed grafting Keats. For those of you who didn’t witness the full horror of my monumental blunder, see the dissection of Keats here Arrghh, I’ve Broken My Knitting And the more hopeful start Ode to a Merino Yarn. It was gruelling but I think worth it. Lots of piccies for […]

Glade Edging and Flimsy Needles

I’ve started the Hem edging for Glade and finished the first pattern repeat. I’m not finding the pattern too hard – it’s actually easier than it looks as there are distinct panels, each one quite easy. See Blinkers on, I’m Knitting Glade for the start of Glade if you missed it. A minor niggle is […]

Granny Squares. If Cath Kidston can do it…

There’s quite a buzz on the knitting forums about this blanket from Cath Kidston. It’s in nasty acrylic and costs £160! I figured I could buy a lot of yarn for £160 and make one. So, off I went to my yarn shop and bought 6 balls of Paton’s 100% Mercerised Cotton DK. I thought […]

Blinkers on! I’m knitting Glade….

I have been bad the last few days…. I’ve had my “La, La, I’m not looking at Keats” blinkers firmly in place:oops: My poor little Keats is sitting in a dissected mess on my living room table being studiously ignored. 😥 There’s been a lot of work but not much action to show for it. […]

Arghhh! I’ve broken my knitting!

I have been a very, very, stupid, stupid knitter 😳 I finished knitting the parts of my Keats jumper in cream… (That’s this one if you don’t remember)….. ….I short rowed and three needle bind offed my shoulders (patting myself on the back for being so clever)… ……..I sewed on the sleeves (“oh this is […]