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Top Secret – as done as it’s gonna get…

Well, that’s it. I’m not knitting it any more. So there! Top Secret has run out of yarn before the end 🙁 The stitch it was in was bad. The enormous size was bad. The fact I was sample knitting and wouldn’t see it made up was disheartening. It has been so soul destroying I […]


I’m so bloody bored with knitting Top Secret, the sample I’m doing for Knit On The Net. It’s in a stitch with lots of knits and purls on each row so I can’t get up any real speed. The pattern pieces are straightforward and easy- I usually like a bit of a challenge. It’s also […]

Airplane knitting

When I told you about my yarncrawl I mean, romantic weekend in Edinburgh, I forgot to tell you – we flew to Edinburgh…and I knit on the flight! It was a big decision, what to take to knit that wouldn’t offend airport security – a decision up there with what clothes to pack! I can […]