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Eveleen has Teeth!

Up to this point I have been really enjoying Eveleen. 😀 I struggled and won with the lace pattern – I’ve now finished all the lace for the back and front and I’ve completed the plain part of the back. A welcome relief after so much concentration. 🙄 There’s eyelet holes between the bands of […]

Eveleen Speeds Up

I chose Eveleen to slow me down a bit….. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!!) I’m really enjoying the lace pattern and have got quite quick at it! I’ve now done enough repeats so I can look at the pattern at the beginning of a RS row then memorize it all the way to the end of […]

Click, Snip, Swear, Tug…

So, continuing the story of Click… Click has been through the washing machine with a couple of towels at 60 degrees -the pattern says 50 but whose machine has 50 degrees? Mine only has 40 or 60….. When it came out, my fears about curling were founded. I had also rather overdone the the felting.. […]


So what’s the other project? After having a little OCD session and organising my needles meticulously in my nice new shiny Namaste needle bag I realised that the needles for current projects just kicked around in the bottom of my knitting bag – at best they got wrapped in this spare piece of fabric! I […]

Oh so slow, Eveleen

OK… I’ve teased you long enough …… I’ll tell you about my next project…… In fact I have two projects started!! 😯 Normally I like to keep just one WIP on the go as you know, but this next project is what I promised when I signed off my last post about Orford– really hard […]