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Glade- Rowan’s opinion…..

I’ve been a bad & lazy blogger – my excuse is that I’ve been so fed up over Glade I’ve really not wanted to pick up the needles. Pathetic to get so fed up over knitting huh! So, I’ve kicked myself up the behind and got back to it…. Glade again – I know this […]

The Knitting Gods Hate Me…..

Have you ever felt like everything you touch “knitting wise” is going to turn a big pile of steaming Doggy Doodar?? I have just stuffed one of those accursed projects down the back of my “pending” knitting basket! In the middle of the huge Glade Edging Slog, I thought I’d treat my self to a […]

Yellow, Sunny and Happy

I really, really need a straight forward, rewarding project to cheer me up. I also really, really need to use up some of my stash! That sounds like a cue for the 10 skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed I found at a recent London show for a bargainous price! I had never been attracted to […]

Guilty Knitters

Guilty Knitters. Our Sunday morning knitting group are trying that name on for size this week, having decided we all now hate “Naughty Knitters”…we’re not naughty! Twas a silly name!! We do all, however, have an internal list of reasons to feel guilt about our knitting. I bet all of you readers can tick at […]

Glade is Finished!

I have finally finished Glade and I have to say – I’m not a happy knitter. After slogging through 10 pattern repeats on the bottom hem and spending another £20 on extra yarn I was looking forward to something fabulous. I blogged all about the needle size problems and “yarn munching” in my previous Glade […]

Garden’s Knitting Chair

When the sun is out, I like to knit in the garden. I can look at my tiny patch of garden, dream of the days in a previous home when I renovated huge garden, get a tan and watch over my emerging vegetables. I can also chase off the evil magpies who have been stealing […]