Yellow, Sunny and Happy

I really, really need a straight forward, rewarding project to cheer me up.

I also really, really need to use up some of my stash!

That sounds like a cue for the 10 skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed I found at a recent London show for a bargainous price!

I had never been attracted to Summer Tweed – it always looked lumpy,rough and bitty to me. Then Jane, one of our Sunday morning “Guilty Knitters” group, started Sunshine from the new Kasbah Collection.

“Ohhh, actually it’s rather soft and yummy…..” I was converted.

I had assumed it was 100% cotton but it’s not – 30% cotton and 70% silk!! Hence the bargain grabbing of 10 skeins in a lovely, happy, golden yellow….

I’ve chosen to make something from this book, The Summer Tweed Collection.

It’s an older Rowan book but all the designs are by Kim Hargreaves, a much loved designer by Rowanettes.

I’m making Lavender , this cute little summer polo neck…

So far I have raced up the back just completed the short row shaping for the shoulders…

The cable pattern is very simple and classic but effective. Here’s a close up…

and an even closer one!

It has been a joy to knit so far. The right tension, the right size, no brain hurtingly difficult patterns!

The summer tweed at first felt quite rough and workman like – compared to the silken Bamboo Soft I’ve just finished using,  what wouldn’t? It is making a soft drapey fabric that’s going I think is going to be fabulous to wear.

Even the balls coming off my ball winder and swift are pleasingly compact little packages!!

If I don’t stop to have lunch and dinner  maybe I can finish the front??? 😉

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  1. Vikki
    Vikki May 11, 2007 at 10:34 am |

    Who me? No… never! :p
    I had a feel of the summer tweed, I didn’t realise it had silk in it.. it feels kind of weird, but I did actually fancy it (But as you know, I’m not buying any more for a coupleof months!). Your top looks ace! 😀 xx

  2. Yvonne
    Yvonne May 13, 2007 at 1:04 pm |

    One of my all time favourite yarns – much maligned by other Rowanettes! Just remember that if it starts to droop when wearing a short blast of tumble drying works wonders!

  3. kathryn
    kathryn May 14, 2007 at 9:47 am |

    I love the colour of your Summer Tweed – just the thing to raise your spirits.

    That yarn is really nice to wear especially in Summer.

  4. Vikki
    Vikki May 14, 2007 at 11:21 am |

    Hehe thanks Susan! Feel free to nick my ideas! It’s probably a result of doing a course I hate, it gives me something to love and obsess over!!
    Any news from Rowan on your Glade??
    Vik x

  5. Claudia
    Claudia June 5, 2007 at 5:08 pm |

    Hi. I’m thinking about knitting Lavender myself – and would appreciate a quick dimension – if you don’t mind. I would like to know the length from the cast on edge to the start of the armhole shaping. I’m not too keen on crop tops and want to know if I need an extra skein to make it a better length. I want my top to be at least 12 inchest before the armhole shaping. I hope my question makes sense! Thanks. Claudia

  6. susan crowe
    susan crowe June 7, 2007 at 2:49 pm |

    Hi Claudia
    I made mine in the 34″ (second) size. It measures 29cm to the armholes. Although it has ridden up a bit with wear and I’ve just measured it as 28cms!

    The pattern is given for 32″ to 40″ chest. The measurements to the armhole are give as 28(29:29:30:30) cms

    I used 7.5 skeins out of the 8 given – very accurate yarn amounts for a change!!

    I hope that helps. S end me a picture when you’re done 🙂

  7. Wendy
    Wendy January 13, 2010 at 12:18 am |

    Did I see from your picasa shots that you dyed this another colour …
    It looks like it worked a dream….
    I can’t find your notes …


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