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Barbie’s New Knitting Equipment

When the waiter bought us our drinks and some olives, while sitting outside a restaurant, by a lake, having an impulsive treat of a meal out, I don’t think Ben was expecting me to go into sudden raptures about the cocktail sticks that accompanied the olives! I must be the most deeply sad woman alive. […]

Of cars and knitting…

Just when I thought I could raid my obese stash for a new project, I remembered… …In Israel, I had also started Geno from Rowan 43 (the current summer issue). “Gosh”, thinks Susan. “Israel was an unexpected knitting watershed!” To remind you, that’s this top… from this mag If you remember, I had done one […]

Oooops – I’ve Finished Another One!

Would you believe I have finished another garment??!! I kinda twiddled with this one while I was working on Frappe and, all of a sudden, it was done! This hasn’t happened to me before . Finishing almost without noticing, I mean – I’ve finished the odd garment in my time! It’s Glace of course…. …Started […]

Protective Eye-Wear Required

This week I visited Cardiff to see my sister Carol and her lovely hubby Steve. I discovered Carol’s dark secret – a crime against knitting! Carol’s interest in knitting has been rekindled since I made her a gift of a kit to make some Regia self patterning socks. Carol completed them with a tiny amount […]