So Who is Writing ???

My name is Susan Crowe and I have been an avid knitter and general fiddler with crochet, sewing, embroidery and crafts and since childhood – thanks to the influence of my big sister Carol and my Mum.

This is me – slightly younger than I am now…

From Picture of me

According to my knitting pals, I’m a prolific knitter – I intend to keep you updated with my triumphs, experiments and often quite disastrous results … I try and be honest and show you the mistakes and horrors as well as the triumphs – I don’t mind if you laugh 😀

I have a huge stash that I’m constantly trying (and failing) to reduce. I also have a bad habit of knitting the thing from the cover of a pattern book. I like to chop and change what I’m knitting and am always up fro a challenging project.

I used to be a Rowan International member but not an exclusive Rowan knitter although I do seem to knit rather a lot of Rowan!

I’m also a member of a local knitting circle  “The Guilty Knitters”!!

We meet Sunday morning – Drink coffee, eat cakes, knit, swap knitting books and fix each other’s knitting! This little group of ladies has often been all that has stood between me and insanity due to the rigors of everyday life.

If you read my older blog posts you’ll meet my beloved old cats Thug and Mewsley. –  They both scummed to old age in 2011 & 2012 – I was heartbroken.

There was also my beloved Purcey who was killed on the road at 18 months old.

Purcey at his cutest

I now have the lovely Ziggy and Kitty who are doing their best to make me feel better 🙂

Now we have the enormous Pixie – Big, black , allegedly part Maine Coon – greedy and fat!

Pixie “helping” with some sewing…

This was Thug, my blind ginger tomcat( hence the permanently dilated pupils). Blind because of a brain tumour. He was brave, cuddly, very greedy and pretty much acts like a dog.

From Cats

And this is Thug’s sister Mewsley from the same litter. Mewsley was a “Lady” and will sulk if you forget it!

From Cats

Kitty is the shy type but loves a lap cuddle.

From Kitty & Ziggy
From Sofa cats

Ziggy is all attitude but still wants to be fussed.

From Kitty & Ziggy
From Kitty & Ziggy