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Goodbye Old Favourite and Hello New Version!

I have finally accepted that a favourite old handknit top of mine needs to go in the bin. I love it to bits but it has been regularly worn, machine washed and tumble dried and has now shrunk to the point where it is a crop top showing way too much belly! Here is my […]

Fairisle – it looked horrid on me!

This week I’ve been visiting my big sister, Carol and her lovely husband, Steve. While I was being spoilt rotten, 😀 I remembered to take some photos of a couple of Carol’s jumpers that I made. The first is a fair isle design from Rowan 38 called Electra – guess what?? It’s on the cover […]

Branwen – Now With Added Splodges

I’ve finally finished Branwen. Doing the crocheted motifs took longer than I thought – not because they were difficult but because it still aggravates my wrist and elbow to crochet too much. I had to do a couple then leave it for a day. There are three sizes of motif and I chose three colours […]

No “Sex Pills” for Me!

I was bored watching TV last night and doing some channel chopping while knitting. I stumbled upon the opening 5 minutes of the 1958 Richard Burton film Look Back In Anger. The landlady collected her newspapers from the drenched (it was raining) paper boy, complained bitterly that they were wet, then announced, “Time for a […]

Country Pursuits

I really must try and keep my blogging as fast as my knitting! I finished off my Earth Stripe Wrap Sunday and started a new project – I’ve nearly finished it and I haven’t shown it to you yet! 😯 It is in super thick yarn so it’s not entirely surprising it’s so quick… Its […]

All Wrapped Up

It’s done. The Earth Stripe Wrap is mine! Here she is… And the back view – please excuse the big bum! 😯 It’s warm and snuggly and I can see I’m going to be wearing it a lot. I ended up making it 175cm long so it could be flung over my shoulder with enough […]

Stripes and Tassels

The Earth Stripe Wrap (ESW) has whizzed along, despite me having my attention diverted by the Petal Bib and the green Snuzzle Scarf! I reached the pattern decreed length of 148cm – Phew. Two full pattern repeats and another 60 rows. Hmmmm….Yarn amounts are an annoyance again. To get to the 148cm point, I’ve had […]

Soft and Green Snuzzle Scarf

The Earth Stripe Wrap (ESW) is coming along well. I’m into the third pattern repeat and, to be honest, its getting a bit boring now. Absolutely beautiful but I’m fed up with changing colours! 😕 I’d show you a picture but it’s just more of the same… When I got home from Yarncrawl2 with this […]