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Yarncrawl – The Sequel…

Do remember the Guilty Knitters’ Yarncrawl? We did another one Saturday! For those of you that don’t know, a Yarncrawl is like a pub crawl but with less booze , smoke and pubs and a lot more scrummy yarn, shops and chatter! This time there were 7 of us from the Guilty Knitters. Imagine it, […]

Baby Blue Bib…

I need a bit of a break from The Earth Stripe Wrap. Fun as it is, I felt the sudden urge to do something that wasn’t back and forth Stocking Stitch! Tracey, a barista at the Starbucks where we Guilty Knitters meet each Sunday, is due soon and we decided to each knit her a […]

KSH Shame…

I now need a self indulgent, luxurious project. Something beautiful to wear, soft as a kitten’s belly fur and ideally something I can use some of my every growing stash on. Did I ever tell you about when I used to travel to “the London office” every Friday? Friday lunchtime could only mean one thing. […]

Blue, Blue, Electric Blue….

Or that should be… “Blue, blue, tealy blue. That’s the colour of Ben’s new top .That I just Knit!……Blueooooooo!” (to be warbled to the tune of “Sound and Vision“….) Apologies to all David Bowie fans out there. I couldn’t resist – at least you couldn’t hear me singing that – I knit far, far better […]

Knitting for Ben

You may have noticed from my list of projects on my Blogiversary post that only one garment was for Ben – the Brooklyn jacket. Ohh, and a rather fine pair of Space Invader socks! I promise you that this was not because I’m a horrid selfish knitter or because of some kind of fear of […]

Swamp Donkey and Cherish

Why haven’t I posted for so long? Because I have been laying under a duvet on my sofa being a flu ridden Swamp Donkey (American slang for a moose that lives in the swamps or colloquial slang for a deeply unattractive woman) I’m not pretty when I have the flu….I look kinda like this… In […]

Blankie – Final resting place!

Just a quickie of a post ! Remember my denim Blankie??? We managed to get the beast hung in it’s intended position as a wall hanging at the head of the bed. We had a bit of a wrestle to get Thug to let it go..He does so love to sleep on my knitting! Mewsley […]