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Frappe’s Collar Ponderings

I can’t believe I still haven’t finished Frappe. I finished knitting the collar and kinda stalled. I have been horrendously busy, so when I’ve had time to knit, I’m too tired to work out a fiddely-diddley construction job! I have learnt from bitter experience not to attempt sewing up when tired – sleeves can end […]

Israeli Knitting

I’ve just had a terrific week. After some serious looking, I’ve been offered a super job. 😀 My days of idleness and knitting are numbered! As an IT consultant, I expect that I’ll have to do some travelling but I promise my knitting will be my constant companion. I’ll keep you posted on the trial […]

More of Pooh

Frappe is storming along… I’m whizzing up the last sleeve today. Unfortunately there’s nothing interesting or exciting to tell or show you about it – quick, easy, looks good so far. So in the absence of exciting knitting news, want to see my latest embellished Poohs? (For anyone confused by that question see my post […]