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Orford slips off the glass needles

I haven’t posted for a week. Bad Susan. Remember in my last post about Orford I said I’d need new wardrobes If I kept knitting so fast????? Well, I think Ben must be reading my blog – this week, at his suggestion, we have been redecorating the bedroom and researching new wardrobes!! I had dreams […]

Ohhh! New Needles!!

On my knitterly shopping spree, when I bought my lovely Namaste needle binder, I suffered a problem well know to knitters. Another item just jumped into my basket! I didn’t put them there! Honest! 😮 I just had to have these… Also from Namaste, glass knitting needles… “Won’t they break??”, I thought that – they […]

Knitterly Treats

I have to share… …I’ve been shopping for knitterly treats….. ……And I’m not talking yarn……. ………I’ve been lusting after one of these for 18 months……. …………A Namaste Needle Binder!!! 😛 It works like a lever Arch file and has “pages” inside to store your needles in…. Like this… There are different pages available and you […]

Roped myself a bargain….

I really liked this design from the first moment I saw it. It’s Orford from the current Rowan magazine, no. 41. What stopped me rushing straight out and buying the yarn was the cost! It takes 12 balls of Rowan Cotton Rope – Nearly £50! 😯 That seemed rather steep for a little vesty type […]

Afternoon in the garden….

I was very good Friday! I did all my household chores so the weekend would be free for more fun things like helping a friend clear brambles from her new allotment. Yep, I’m strange – I like that kinda thing! 🙂 After a hard day of chores I thought, “I’ll sit in the garden, watch […]

Nicole is done – How quick???

Wow – even for me, Nicole has been a quick knit! Despite having with the beady problem to work out. The fit has come a up little big, compared to the Rowan picture ,but I don’t reckon it looks too bad. I think I simply made it a size too large! I’ve been going to […]

Strappy Lace and Bead Fun

I promised, in my last post about Nicole, to tell you about how I resolved the beady problem of the straps. The pattern tells you to knit the straps then sew nearly 200 beads on afterwards by hand. As I said in my last posting, I’d rather stab myself in the leg repeatedly with a […]

More fun than it looks…

I have about a gazillion balls of yarn and associated projects waiting to be knit up. So why did I suddenly become overwhelmed in John Lewis, by the desire to buy yarn to make a pattern I’d only just seen?? I must be a sick, untreatable yarn addict…. It’s that or the tummy bug that’s […]