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I had a surprise last weekend! I was whisked away to Edinburgh for a romantic birthday weekend by the lovely Ben. (My birthday weekend was also known by some people as “Easter” this year!) We had a lovely time and did all the tourist spots, and importantly for a knitting blog, visited a couple of […]

Super Noodles!

I’ve been doing more unknitting. Or frogging, or unravelling, or unpicking to give it a few other names (that’s just the polite ones). This time I was unknitting Keats. I thought I’d show you a quicker way of actually unravelling the knitting…. All I did was start a section off then thread the end of […]


There’s heaps of information out there on how to knit a garment but it occurred to me, I’ve not often seen how to unknit a jumper? Or “Frog” a garment to give it it’s official internet knitters’ accepted name. (Hence my post being called “Frog City“.) For those who are not up on the latest […]

Top Secret Project…Shhhh!

Great excitement today!! The postman arrived with a Special Delivery Parcel for me – but I can’t tell you what was in it! I’ll explain. I saw a plea from KnitOnTheNet for sample knitters to help with testing patterns and knitting samples for the republication of Jane Waller’s book A Stitch in Time. The book […]

Frog City

I’ve been reviewing my wardrobe. Kirsti made a good point on my second to last post that I really should send my old stuff to the charity shop – not the bin. With this in mind I looked at the shelf where I keep most of my handknits – It’s a large shelf and very […]

Knit for Victory!!

Not much exciting to tell you on the knitting front. I’m still knitting Hildegard and slogging up the front – One side done up to the shoulder and just starting the other side of the V neck….I’d forgotten what a time consuming pattern it was! You can also see how the ball of silk just […]