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Squeeeealll!! I’m in The Knitter!

Gosh! I’m expecting to be mobbed for an autograph and and be asked to open a shopping centre the next time I go out amongst my public…. Why am I deluded into thinking I have achieved such superstar status?? The Guilty Knitters and I have made it to the National Knitting press! This month’s (July […]

I’m now officially sick of this lace pattern!

I can’t believe I started Halcyon back in April. It’s taken me two and a half, very dull and uneventful months. To be fair, it has been delayed by my usual attack of SKS  (Summer Knitting Slump) – there were a couple of weeks there I didn’t knit at all – shocking! I’ve also been […]

Conservatory Stash Busting

Do you remember how we painted the Conservatory a striking shade of green? Well, we’ve now put some furniture and plants in there and created a favourite snoozing spot for Mewsley! From Double Vision Cushion Do you like the cushion on the chair behind Mewsley? It was bought on a whim from Ikea. Here’s a […]