I’m so bloody bored with knitting Top Secret, the sample I’m doing for Knit On The Net.

It’s in a stitch with lots of knits and purls on each row so I can’t get up any real speed. The pattern pieces are straightforward and easy- I usually like a bit of a challenge. It’s also in a larger gauge yarn than the original pattern so it’s coming up quite big. Baring in mind I nearly always make the smallest size for myself, I feel a little like I’m knitting are marquee.

And I can’t even show you pictures of what I’m doing. 🙁

So how much have I done?

I’ve done all of the back and all of the front (or is that “fronts”?? 😉 ) and I’m now onto the first sleeve.

The sleeve is very full.

It’s huge.

It’s wide.

It’s at least as big as the back.

And there’s two of them to get through!! Arghhh! 😯

I really, really want to finish off poor Hildegard who has been temporarily abandoned with only a sleeve to go but I daren’t. I’m still a one WIP girl at heart and if I pick up Hildegard I may not come back to Top Secret in a hurry.

Something else occurred to me too.

I’m something of a “Product Knitter” or a “Completer Finisher”. I drive myself on with the boring bits because I want to see and have the finished object. With sample knitting, I knit the bits and post it off without sewing it up. OK- So some of you out there would love that idea but I don’t mind the sewing up!

I may never see my finished baby!

Can you sense, readers, that I’m beginning to regret volunteering? I’m sure I’ll feel differently when I see my name in the book.

I’ve made a commitment so I must see it though.

There’s only one thing for it.

Put on another DVD of Babylon 5 , grit my teeth, drink a pint of coffee so I’m hyperactively knitting and get it done!

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  1. juliet
    juliet April 9, 2008 at 12:18 pm |

    I feel your pain – I am in wallowing in similar misery – my knitting morrass is a Rowan “Glade”, I am so bored with it I feel almost at the point of stabbing myself with knitting needles to prove to myself I am still awake and not hallucinating… Good luck with the knit

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