Top Secret – as done as it’s gonna get…

Well, that’s it. I’m not knitting it any more. So there!

Top Secret has run out of yarn before the end 🙁

The stitch it was in was bad. The enormous size was bad. The fact I was sample knitting and wouldn’t see it made up was disheartening. It has been so soul destroying I haven’t even wanted to blog 🙁

The only up side was the yarn was super scrummy 😉

The worst happened. I was exactly half way through the final piece, the collar, and I ran out of yarn…

“I’ll just get another ball from the bag”, I thought – No yarn there…

” Eeek! I must have lost a ball”…rummaging in every possible yarn hiding corner ensued…

…Thug and Mewsley were frisked and they promised me they hadn’t been playing with my yarn and even let me search under their favourite blankies.

“Can I have knit it all up?? I know how many balls I started with…”

Would you believe I got all the pieces I had knit and weighed them, just to make sure it was all there? It was all there – I had, of course, been excessively careful because it was for some one else.

After some horrified and panicky emails from me and some calm, gracious and sensible responses from Susan Crawford (editor of Knit on the Net) we decided that I’d send what I’d done back to her to finish off with a spare ball she thankfully had. She could also take a view if the yarn had been a success for this garment.

I hadn’t concidered when I started this venture that my garment may just not work. That’s part of the point of doing a sample – to see if the pattern works with the yarn.

In my case the jury is out 🙁

So much for my daydreams of seeing my work in press releases and at shows.

Not the most rewarding of projects I’ve ever done but I’m really glad I did it. I now feel I own a very small corner of A Stitch In Time and will follow the book’s progress eagerly.

The book is due to be published at the end of September – once it is, I’ll post you some pictures of the beast that is Top Secret and give you more details.

I’m now off to knit something for my lovely brother in law’s birthday….

…another deadline – Argh! 😯

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon April 24, 2008 at 1:03 pm | | Reply

    Pleased to see you back – I’ve missed your blog recently! Your experience with your top secret project reminds me of knitting socks – it puts me off knitting altogether. Suggest you knit something easy, quick and in chunky wool for brother in law.

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