To Blog or Not to Blog – that is the question…

I have been nagged mercilessly by friends, family and a geeky “web centric” partner to blog my knitting exploits…

So here I am. See my “Who’s writing” page if you want more about me…
I have two beloved cats I need to introduce you to.I do not apologise for loving them dearly – they will be mentioned often.

This is Thug, my 15 year old blind ginger tomcat. Blind because of a brain tumour but OK now (after an obscene amount of money was spent on radiotherapy but worth ever penny!) He is brave, cuddly, very greedy and pretty much acts like a dog.

From Cats
From Cats

And this is Thug’s sister Mewsley from the same litter. She is scared of loud noices and likes to hide under the bed but very affectionate once she knows you. Mewsley is a “Lady” and will sulk if you forget it!

From Cats

From Cats
From Cats

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  1. Arianwen
    Arianwen January 18, 2007 at 10:57 am | | Reply

    Hi sorry I havent commented before I only just found you.Is Thug Blind in both eyes or just one? He is a gorgeous cat. I have never been owned by a ginger they seem to be ellusive owners.

  2. susan crowe
    susan crowe January 18, 2007 at 4:42 pm | | Reply

    Hi Arianwen

    He’s totally and utterly blind in both eyes. His tumour was under his brain and “chomped” through the optic nerve. – Very nasty. The good news is he finds his way around perfectly and even goes outside prowling and visiting the neighbours!

    He’s a fabulous cat – even cat-haters have to admit they like him!

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