Spangle scarf done!

I was really keen to get my spangle scarf finished so I could wear it if I had to venture out in the forecast storms for today.

I watched a stupid amount of TV yesterday and knit frantically to finish it. I have now watched so many episodes of Stargate that the first thiing I said to the spectacular New years fireworks at the millenium wheel was, “Oh, it looks like a Stargate”. I really must get on with job hunting…

I pressed on eventually using 4 balls of the lovely. sparkly Soft Lux. I now have sore fingers and achy lower right bicep from having my arm bent all day long! I’ll be pleased to do the housework and sew up Ben’s Booklyn jumper for a change of pace and exercise….ahhh the mind games worked…

I’ve given you my pattern for this in a previous post here if you fancy making one …


The finished scarf is 170cms long and 17cms wide – thick and lovely and warm. Also, it doesn’t curl! A pet hate of mine. I’ve seen several stocking stitch based scarves in well known books that must have been blocked with glue to stop them curling for the photos.

Here it is done, on the bottom bit you can see the wrong side – still quite neat so it won’t matter if it shows. The flash has shown the sparkly bits quite well too.

From Knitting- WIP

I also couldn’t resist putting it on one of my lovely male models (Thug, not Ben), here enjoying a quiet moment …

From Cats

Completed Knit Report

Name Spangle Scarf

Pattern by me! (if it’s not too grandiose to call it a pattern…)

Yarn Rowan Soft Lux

Pattern problems Remembering which way to do the cables and trying not to change direction half way through the row…oops!..too much looking at the TV…not enough looking at knitting…

Pattern modifications None

Washing and wearing Very warm – not yet washed!

Knit it again? After my sister Carol and Mum saw it on a previous post – I don’t think I’ll have a choice!

Difficulty Easy and quick once you masted the direction of the cables.

Rating 5/5 – an inevitable score really – it’s my pattern creation!! 🙂

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca January 20, 2007 at 7:49 pm | | Reply

    Your blog looks great, I just spied your post on the Rowan site. The model looks lovely in his scarf.

    My husband persuaded me to start watching Stargate a couple of months ago and I am completely hooked, we are on Series 3 already. We like to make Teal’c expressions as we watch…

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