Playing with Spangle Gloves

One Skein

I’ve been looking out for for a double knit (ish) weight glove pattern using 4 needles for a while. (I really hate the idea of seams in fingers of gloves!!)

I found just what I was looking for in One Skein.

From Theme pics

Its a super book full of projects to make out of one skein of yarn. I’m really pleased with my copy. I really like the way it’s not half filled with basic “how to knit” but does have a very clearly referenced techniques section for the less usuall stuff. I’ve learnt a couple of new tricks. The patterns are imaginative, usable and just darned cute.

Spangle Gloves and Masochism

I used the Unisex glove pattern that had a honeycomb cuff and replaced the honeycomb with my woven cables….after some messing around, fiddling and swearing…

Firstly, using 4 needles, then throwing a cable needle into the mix is masochistic. Especially if your DPNs and your cable needles are all the same grey metal colour. I had a few “Grr” moments of grabbing the wrong needle. Does anyone know of “not grey” cables needles out there???

Here’s what my masocistic tangle of pickup-sticks and yarn looked like – the Work in progress…

From Knitting- WIP

I got this far and was really chuffed with myself – “oh – lets try on my creation”, I said.

From Knitting- WIP

Then I said rude stuff…

I hadn’t allowed for the cables pulling in the fabric and having very little elasticity. Even my tiny squishable hands took a huge, yarn wrenching shove got get into the glove. It was one of those, “I do still fit in my favourite jeans!” moments when you’re fighting with the zip and refusing to believe the obvious truth…It don’t fit.

So I started all over again but this time cast on the stitches required for the biggest size then added a row of decreases. before doing the palm upwards exactly from the pattern.

This is glove No.1 completed..I can get my hand in it and everything!

From Knitting- WIP

When I’m done and happy I’ll post the details of mods I made to make it work.

Onward with glove No.2….

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