Glade-Strapped Up Like a Gladiator

My elbow/hand/wrist pain is finally coming under control. 🙂

My GP showed my the twisting wrist action to avoid at all costs and the penny dropped – it was going mad at crocheting the Granny squares that did the damage!

The elbow pain was “golfer’s elbow” (medial epicondylitis to the medically minded).

I turned away (from knitting) to the dark side (crochet) and paid dearly….(read in a menacing Alec Guinness type voice) 👿

The crochet project is officially abandoned on medical grounds!!

The main things that have helped are rest, a wrist support and Golfer’s elbow strap and a radical rearrangement of my desk, chair, mouse and keyboard.

I’m finally able to carry on knitting Glade but I’m limiting my daily knitting time which is frustrating.

If you’re not up to speed with my Glade progress, read about in here…

Blinker’s on I’m knitting Glade

Glade edging and Flimsy needles

Glade from the waist up
Ben has been very amused watching me, strapped up and struggling – apparently I look like I’m auditioning to be a Gladiator or a B-movie super hero!!
What do you think of my armour???

Move over Arnold Schwarzenegger – the Knitterizer is in town!

The next pic is not an exciting picture if you’ve already seen my pics of Glade progress but I’m just starting the 3rd repeat of 7 needed for the Peplum…


I found I was getting lost with the pattern, missing the fact a row had bobbles in it and getting confused if the frills were right side or wrong side of stocking stitch!

My solution was to use a row counter (obvious) to track what row and mark up a photocopy of the pattern like this ..

The yellow rows are WS SS, Green rows are RS SS (with the eyelets down the middle) and the pink is the bobbles.

Even I can’t miss such obvious visual clues 😀

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  1. minxxy
    minxxy April 10, 2007 at 8:01 am | | Reply

    Sorry to hear about your crochet injury…. ain’t that just the way things go when you are geared up for a project? I have been trying to master crochet for a few months now and am so unsuccessful it would make you want to cry. I was inspired by your granny squares and the wool was nearly the same shades as the log cabin blanket I did last summer…. it must have been an omen. Inspired by your squares, I whipped out the hook YET AGAIN! and gave it another go. This time SUCCESS! Wooooo. I know it’s in the early stages but I’m on a roll. Thank you!
    I am sure I clicked a link on here which took me to a tutorial about joining colours??? Am I right?

  2. carol
    carol April 10, 2007 at 3:06 pm | | Reply

    Hope the wrist is improving so you can get on with Glade again. It really is lovely and will be so lovely a summery to wear.

  3. susan crowe
    susan crowe April 10, 2007 at 7:06 pm | | Reply


    So pleased to hear your crochet “mojo” has been found!
    I’m gutted at having to stop…more time for knitting though 🙂 Maybe I’ll knit a log cabin type blankie instead??

    I don’t think you found a link for colour joining here but I had a quick look and found this …
    Does it help??


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