Blankie – The end is coming into view!


This Blanket is a bigger project than I anticipated. I have been really “going for it” and I still have only achieved 52 out of 81 squares (Thats 64% !)

Here’s the heap of blanket that quietly evolving in the corner….

Ben has now got used to the sight of me with a bad case of “Blue Hand”. I said the dye was loose on the darkest colours didn’t I?

Take a look at the state of my hands after knitting about half a dark blue square…

My thumb gets particularly lurid….

The good news is that it washes off easily with soap, water and slight attention from a nailbrush.

If 64% doesn’t really convey much to you, here’s a shot of my chart for marking off the squares…

The pink squares are done. Look!! The 5 complete strips are done on the right and I’m happy to report they are all sewn together too!

I’m also ticking off the completed squares of each type as I do them. The lines highlighted in yellow are the ones where I have finished knitting all of that type of square! Exciting huh?

I’m actually finishing some parts!

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  1. minxxy
    minxxy October 10, 2007 at 7:27 am | | Reply

    It’s looking good and tempting me start Fruity by Debbie Abrahams.
    You are a bad influence!

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