What type of knitter am I?

I was a bit ambitious to say “The end of the blankie is in sight”!

I’ve managed another 6 squares of the Blankie – That brings me up to 58 out of 81 squares or 71.34% (OK…I am getting a little bit obsessed with the progress reports…..)

I know it’s not super exciting but here’s strip no.6, fresh off the darning needle, read to be sewn to the other 5 strips.

I had intended to do a little of the blankie, do something else, then do a little more.

I should have known that my nature just doesn’t work like that. Once I got stuck in, I wanted to focus exclusively on it and finish. I really don’t find it possible to have several projects going at once. In a way, I envy those of you who have several WIPs (Works In Progress) on the go! I have to stop one project and put all my energies into the new one. Poor Eveleen is languishing untouched by the sofa still….

So what kind of knitter does that make me? I have friends who are definitely “Process Knitters” and have a serious case of “Start-itis”. In English, that means they love the act of choosing the pattern, knitting the object, stroking the yarn etc but are not too bothered by what to do with the Finished Object. In fact, one friend regularly knits and finishes beautiful garments then promptly gives them to the charity shop!

Startitis is a term I first heard from the Yarn Harlot for someone who loves the thrill of starting a project and often gets distracted by exciting new projects before ever finishing them. Project after project is researched, purchased and started. Lots of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) can haunt these people! I have another friend who is ruthless. Once she goes off a project it is literally thrown away unfinished so it doesn’t hang around “dragging her down”. As a grateful recipient of some of her discarded yarn, I have to admit to envying her ability to let go.

My brain is not wired like my friends at all!

I am most definitely a hoarding squirrel who finds it almost impossible to let go of yarn and projects “just in case it comes in useful…”. (My stash is shamefully rotund….Obese in fact…..) Even disastrous ones like the aptly named “Buggering Felted Skirt” that took me two years to finally get rid of 😕

I can’t bring myself to knit something “for the sake of it”. Even if I’d really enjoy the process. For me, it has to have a purpose.
There’s also “product knitters” who knit because they want the finished item. I’m closer to that definition but I couldn’t bring myself to knit a project I found dull just because I needed a new “thingy”.

I’m enthusiastic when I start (aren’t we all?) then, once I get past half way and the end point comes into view, I get a kind of manic, woolly mist descends on me.

Must finish! Knit faster! Who needs sleep! I want to wear it tomorrow!

Life goes on hold because “I must finish this sleeve”. I guess this is why I’m so focused on doing one project at a time – you seem to finish faster 🙂

I have got the “woolly mist” when it comes to some of these squares for the Blankie. As soon as I realised I only had two more of these “Beaded Circles” in Navy to complete…

I couldn’t stop myself, even though I don’t need one of them until the final strip! I guess that’s the pleasure of knitting this type of blanket. 🙂

The closest term I can come up with for my knitting tenancies, borrowing heavily from (Belbin’s team role definitions), is “Completer Finisher”.


The completer finisher dots the i’s and crosses the t’s. He or she gives attention to detail, aims to complete and to do so thoroughly. They make steady effort and are consistent in their work. They are not so interested in the glamour of spectacular success.

Hmmm…. I wouldn’t say “No” to some spectacular success 😀

Although like most people , I’m a mix of the different Belbin roles and take on a different role and persona when wearing my “work” head!

For the therapists among you, I’m sure that reveals a whole lot about my inner psyche!

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  1. feltboots
    feltboots October 17, 2007 at 10:47 pm | | Reply

    Resource Investigator here – spend all my time searching for the perfect pattern, yarn, technique. Finishing skills average according to Belbin but I do get knitting stuff done. But housework ? – not so much. There are 3 fence panels out of 15 that were creosoted last year. I’ll get round to finishing the rest one day… ;o)

  2. Rachel
    Rachel October 19, 2007 at 3:37 pm | | Reply

    Shaper here – high motivation to achieve, can become argumentative if anyone interferes with important knitting objectives. “The shaper is committed to achieving ends” including ‘stashing all the yarn in the world’ and ‘having more active WIPs on the go than anyone else 🙂

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