Sorry Judie – I finished it!

Judie has been distracted by holiday knitting so I was given permission to continue with my Judie jacket. She knows how I hate a WIP hanging around….

I sat down for two evenings. Woosh!

It’s done! 😀

It really is a quick, fun knit.

My only real problem was finding some yummy buttons. I hunted around all my usual button haunts to no avail. Then, on a day out pottering around in London with Ben, I wandered into a bead shop on Earlman Street (Near Seven Dials if you know London). Ben was happy in the Orc’s Nest (don’t ask) so I had a good long browse.

I found these!

They are beads, not buttons – but don’t they look good? I think so.

Because they are beads, there is a hole running from the top to the bottom. To make them work as buttons I sewed them on loosely then wound the end round and round between the button and the button band a few times to pull the threads to the centre and make the button stand a little proud of the knitting. It’s what I’ve been taught to do traditionally with coat buttons!

So here’s the finished Judie Jacket…

Maybe it’s a bit longer and bigger than I would have liked but this is intended to be worn as an outer garment so it couldn’t be skin tight. I know just how warm it will be from wearing my Willow Jacket, also in Ribbon Twist – Hmmm ….Toasty Warm!

Completed Knit Report  
Name: Judie Jacket
Pattern: Sirdar leaflet 5903 for Denim Ultra
Yarn: 10 Balls Rowan Ribbon Twist (Pattern calls for 7 balls of Sirdar Denim Ultra)
Pattern Problems: None (except me being an idiot and looking at the wrong size)
Pattern Modifications: I substituted the yarn and changed needle size to 10mm and 12mm from 8mm and 10mm to get gauge. I also short rowed the shoulders.
Washing and Wearing: Not washed yet. Wearing – VERY warm 🙂
Knit It Again???: Possibly – Fashion reservations rather than knitting!
Difficulty: easy
Rating: 4/5
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  1. Cheryl
    Cheryl November 19, 2007 at 10:38 am | | Reply

    That is lovely Susan and it looks so warm and comfortable and it looks nice on you.

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