Somebody Stole My Mojo!

Some body stole my Mojo!

My knitting Mojo, I mean.

You may have noticed that I’ve slowed down blogging…and knitting. Partly because I first injured my arm then had an incredibly painful upset tum. All I was capable of was slumping in front of the TV under a duvet and not knitting. This is the woman who in January, managed to make an entire Bowie jumper while prostrate with the flu.

The real trouble is, I’ve just not felt like knitting. Maybe a couple of weeks has been enough to break the habit?

It seems I’m not alone in suffering a “Summer Knitting Slump” though. Quite a few knitters I’ve talked to have either slowed down or switched to other hobbies. I blame the weather. It’s too warm to lust after big warm jumpers and too grey and drizzly here (classic British summer weather 🙁 ) to inspire cute little cotton tops.

Maybe I’ve discovered a new syndrome – “Summer Knitting Slump” or “SKS”???

I think I’ve been doing too many things for other people or using up yarn on projects that don’t excite me.

I need to try and rediscover my Mojo.

I have been struggling through what should be a quick and rewarding little project.

I picked up recently a skein of Colinette Giotto in a sale basket – It was a bargain. I had to have it…It’s the colourway “Monet”. Perfectly named. I could see the Waterlilies in the skein!

The yarn is a delicious little “sweetie” – when I was little, if I was very good I was rewarded with a “sweetie” – usually tooth-rottingly delicious sweets – I consider a skein of yarn to be a much healthier option!

I’m going to go look for my Mojo on my balcony – it’s a sunny day, the flowers are looking great, I have a big mug of coffee and a Stephen Fry podcast to listen to.

If combining that perfect knitting environment and a skein of beautiful Giotto doesn’t give me the kick I need I’m going to have to seek out therapy – or the Summer yarn sales at least!! 😛

I promise to blog what I achieved very soon…

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  1. Sharon
    Sharon June 29, 2008 at 7:17 pm | | Reply

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I think the hot (or should it be warmer) weather is not particularly condusive to knitting, it’s all too heavy. When autumn appears, the prospect of nights sitting by the fire (albeit a radiator) knitting is much more appealing and seems ‘right’.
    I have been thinking of stopping knitting now and going back to tapestry for a few months. Last year I made four Christmas stockings (however I am obsessive with my hobbies and run a ‘one woman sweat shop’ as my husband calls it) during my ‘off knitting’ period.
    Please don’t stop blogging however, yours is much too entertaining!

  2. Shelley
    Shelley July 3, 2008 at 11:34 am | | Reply

    Yep been through it recently myself, then suddenly – it clicked back in!

    Through April ad May though I did maybe 1 pair of socks and a baby cardigan. Then with Knit in public day I bit the bullet and thought No I am going to take part – so I grab a ball of sock yarn and marched off to London!

    Since then I have done those socks, a teddy bear, a shopping bag and penguin, 10 patches towards my blanket and about to start a DS lite case.

    I’ve been experimenting with stash busting patterns, which I think has enthused me again – rather than doing great big projects I’ve just been doing the little ones.

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