Blinkers on! I’m knitting Glade….

I have been bad the last few days…. I’ve had my “La, La, I’m not looking at Keats” blinkers firmly in place:oops: My poor little Keats is sitting in a dissected mess on my living room table being studiously ignored. 😥 There’s been a lot of work but not much action to show for it. […]

Arghhh! I’ve broken my knitting!

I have been a very, very, stupid, stupid knitter 😳 I finished knitting the parts of my Keats jumper in cream… (That’s this one if you don’t remember)….. ….I short rowed and three needle bind offed my shoulders (patting myself on the back for being so clever)… ……..I sewed on the sleeves (“oh this is […]

Window Dressing

It’s not knitting but it’s creative so I’m sharing. I’ve been busy sorting out the window “treatment” for the windows in my spare room now it’s all painted and and clean and bright and lovely. Yes- you can tell I’m pleased with the results! I’ve made these sheer curtains from crushed voile…. …really easy to […]

Zipperisation of Brooklyn….

I’m powering through Keats – mentioned here in Ode-to-a-Merino-Yarn – I’m on the last sleeve 🙂 Piccies soon! I finally got fed up with Ben’s Brooklyn Jacket looking imploringly at me for a zip. This is Brooklyn in Rowan Denim of the denim-colour-run-disaster and Where to start with knittie stuff fame. This was only my […]

Dolly bag ….a bag for my dollies?

I was taking a peek at Diva Maggie’s blogand saw she was doing the Rowan International free gift – the Dolly bag. I said, “Ohhh, I’ve done that too” Maggie said, “It’s not on your blog- let us see????” So here is the little beastie… I really enjoyed doing this bag, even the finger blistering […]

Fab Finishing Course at John Lewis

I have just got home from this course with Jane Crowfoot – I am an exhausted but very happy and very humble knitter 🙂 Lots of piccies to show you!I’d thoroughly recommend this course to any knitter – you are bound to learn something. I’ve had Jane’s book “Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitting” for ages. […]

Willow jacket – All Buttoned Up

As promised, a piccie of the finished, button clad Willow… I wish I’d made a size larger – it’s OK but a little snug – I imagined it being huge and snuggley and loose. Here’s the buttons…. It was amazingly hard to find a button that matched. I went to John Lewis (where it was […]

Sublime “The Big Frill” Bolero

Knitting progress is slow 🙁 Decorating progress is good 🙂 The paint is dry, the radiator is back on and kicking out much needed heat, furniture and junk back in the room. I am no longer in painty poo clothes and covered head to toe with dust – deep joy. The room looks 100 times […]

Cat Slays Human

Nothing to do with knitting – I just stumbled on this picture and thought “AWWWWww”! Thug says, “OK, so you didn’t like the mouse I gave you. What about this one?” Further caption suggestions please!

Ode to a Merino Yarn

Lots of knitterly updates today! The Willow Ribbon Twist Jacket is knitted – after wrestling it from the evil ginger paws of Thug who was quite partial to sleeping on it! It still needs buttons, I need to dig my way out from undr the decorating to get to John Lewis to buy some – […]