Completed Knit Report

My Daisy Scarf Has Been Ravelryified….

If you read any number of knitting blogs, you will have already heard of Ravelry. I was luck enough to hear about Ravelry quite early on in it’s quest for Beta testers and got my invite in July. If you want to look me up, my username is the fabulously imaginative “susancrowe”…. For those of […]

When Felting Turns Bad….

My knitting news this week isn’t the stuff that will make an enthralling blog post…. I haven’t touched Eveleen but I’ve made lots more blankie squares (I’ve now done 30 out of 81 required!) There. That was dull huh? Don’t change channel yet readers! I think it’s time to share with you the reason I […]

Orford slips off the glass needles

I haven’t posted for a week. Bad Susan. Remember in my last post about Orford I said I’d need new wardrobes If I kept knitting so fast????? Well, I think Ben must be reading my blog – this week, at his suggestion, we have been redecorating the bedroom and researching new wardrobes!! I had dreams […]

Nicole is done – How quick???

Wow – even for me, Nicole has been a quick knit! Despite having with the beady problem to work out. The fit has come a up little big, compared to the Rowan picture ,but I don’t reckon it looks too bad. I think I simply made it a size too large! I’ve been going to […]

Fabby Flu-Flo

Flu-Flo is finished!! That’s what my friend Uknitty decided to call it as Fluorescent Florence was too much of a mouthful for her. Ben also has unkindly been referring to it as “Agent Orange”….I shall have my revenge on him by knitting him some agent orange socks with the leftovers 😈 (Not really) So, enough […]

Yellow Lavender

Do you remember that I said in Sunny, Yellow and Happy that I wanted a straight forward rewarding project to cheer me up? Well, I really got exactly that with this project! 😀 Here’s the finished article I love it. It was quick, easy and it fits me! The only things that made me stop […]

Fluffy Wuffy Gloves

I the spirit of trying to finish off some of those “too tiny to even call a project” type projects that have been cluttering up my living room, I made some luxurious Fluffy Wuffy Fingerless Gloves. In fact – I sat in the garden on one of the recent scorching hot sunny days knitting warm […]

“Bucky” the Starbucks Bear – V2.0

Do you remember the Starbucks bear? The Guilty Knitters and I made him to thank the Starbucks staff at Christmas? And the heartbreak when he disappeared ? This was the handsome devil in the Christmas uniform… Tracey, the manager of our Starbucks, asked us if we could make another one to replace Buck because she […]

Glade is Finished!

I have finally finished Glade and I have to say – I’m not a happy knitter. After slogging through 10 pattern repeats on the bottom hem and spending another £20 on extra yarn I was looking forward to something fabulous. I blogged all about the needle size problems and “yarn munching” in my previous Glade […]

Holy Gigantic Space Invaders!!

The Knitty Space Invader socks are finished!! I eagerly grafted the toe this morning – 76 stitches of Kitchener stitch – euck!! Hmmmm….They are far from perfect but Ben likes them! 🙂 It really bugs me when I can’t get thing “right”….. Holy sock heels, Batman! Here’s a problem…. The heel and toe is turned […]