Knits WIP

Granny Squares. If Cath Kidston can do it…

There’s quite a buzz on the knitting forums about this blanket from Cath Kidston. It’s in nasty acrylic and costs £160! I figured I could buy a lot of yarn for £160 and make one. So, off I went to my yarn shop and bought 6 balls of Paton’s 100% Mercerised Cotton DK. I thought […]

Blinkers on! I’m knitting Glade….

I have been bad the last few days…. I’ve had my “La, La, I’m not looking at Keats” blinkers firmly in place:oops: My poor little Keats is sitting in a dissected mess on my living room table being studiously ignored. 😥 There’s been a lot of work but not much action to show for it. […]

Arghhh! I’ve broken my knitting!

I have been a very, very, stupid, stupid knitter 😳 I finished knitting the parts of my Keats jumper in cream… (That’s this one if you don’t remember)….. ….I short rowed and three needle bind offed my shoulders (patting myself on the back for being so clever)… ……..I sewed on the sleeves (“oh this is […]

Ode to a Merino Yarn

Lots of knitterly updates today! The Willow Ribbon Twist Jacket is knitted – after wrestling it from the evil ginger paws of Thug who was quite partial to sleeping on it! It still needs buttons, I need to dig my way out from undr the decorating to get to John Lewis to buy some – […]

Evil forces conspire to prevent knitting…

The world is against me knitting… The decorating is at that gruelling preparation stage. The badly painted “glow in the dark” yellow walls have resisted all attempts at sanding – paint has been daubed over badly stripped wallpaper and glue giving a “jaunty and individual” surface. Everything I use to sand just clogs. I’m seriously […]

Ribbon Twist Jacket

I need a quick win. Recently I’ve had a disaster (denim), a brain bender (Spangle gloves) and a heartbreak (Bucky Bear) so I’ve decided to raid my stash and start on this Rowan Ribbon Twist Jacket. Yes I know – it’s the one one the cover of the pattern book again! (The Ribbon Twist Collection) […]

Playing with Spangle Gloves

One Skein I’ve been looking out for for a double knit (ish) weight glove pattern using 4 needles for a while. (I really hate the idea of seams in fingers of gloves!!) I found just what I was looking for in One Skein. From Theme pics Its a super book full of projects to make […]

Knits for Barbie by Nicky Epstein – a review and some garments!

This is a lovely book to play with, like me, if you like to knit tiny fiddly things! The photography and layout are inspiring and easy to use. The garments are varied but an awful lot of tops – I was hoping for more trousers and skirts and more tailoring – there are hundreds of […]

Spangle Scarf in Woven Cables

After my horror at the colour run with Ben’s Brooklyn jacket I’m not enthused sewing it up. I usually sew up really fast because I’m excited to see the end result – bah. To make myself feel better I have rewarded myself with a cheerful “easy” project I’ve been hankering after. From Knitting- WIP From […]

Where to start with knittie stuff???

I have dozens and dozens of knitted garments – where do I start? I think, I should tell you what I’m doing right now and, when it gets boring (during the endless rows to finish the second sleeve – yawn) I’ll pull another garment out of my “back catalog”…any better ideas I’d love to hear […]