Glade Edging and Flimsy Needles

I’ve started the Hem edging for Glade and finished the first pattern repeat. I’m not finding the pattern too hard – it’s actually easier than it looks as there are distinct panels, each one quite easy.

See Blinkers on, I’m Knitting Glade for the start of Glade if you missed it.

A minor niggle is that the cute little points along the bottom edge at the end of the eyelets are curling under already…maybe it’s a “Feature”??

Here it is, one repeat down, 12 to go…


The pattern repeat is over 72 rows on 3mm needles – ouch that’s small!

I shouldn’t have worked it out but I did. I need 13(ish) repeats. 13 repeats x 72 Rows = 936 rows! 😕 that’s a lot to contemplate…

It’s taking a while to get used to such tiny needles – I’m using Bamboo which makes it feel smaller and flimsier somehow.

Flimsy needles were on my mind after witnessing Janie, at our knitting group in Starbucks, have a precious rosewood 3.25 snap in her hands mid row in a lace pattern! You’ve never seen a group of women move in so fast with stitch holders and spare needles.

We’d just been talking about ER (the TV program) and hospital emergency units.I swear, for a second there, it was life and death…

…I’m sure I heard, “give me a caffeine drip and 3.25mm, bamboo. STAT!”

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  1. Maggie
    Maggie March 15, 2007 at 7:28 pm |

    You are doing a beautiful job on Glade!! What a gorgeous cardigan it will be!!

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