So what’s the other project?

After having a little OCD session and organising my needles meticulously in my nice new shiny Namaste needle bag I realised that the needles for current projects just kicked around in the bottom of my knitting bag – at best they got wrapped in this spare piece of fabric! I am ashamed to say – I hadn’t even hemmed the edges or sewn a seam. Just grabbed from the fabric stash, wrapped it round the needles and tied an old piece of ribbon round it.

Not something to feel proud of when you whip it out of the bag 🙁 What I needed was something similar but fabulous and knitted…..

Enter the Click needle wrap from the Rowan Felted Collection

This is what it’s supposed to look like when done (on the right)….

I didn’t want it as wide as this one – I only wanted to put 2 or three sets of needles in it. So I cast on 60 stitches instead of the 103 in the pattern.

It was what should have been the most boring knit in the world. 86cm of straight stocking stitch with 2 rows of purl (for the fold lines) thrown in for excitement.

It was however, strangely soothing and compulsive. Watching the stripes form in the lovely tapestry was enough to keep me amused. (Anyone who says “doesn’t take much then!” gets a 4mm thrown at them…. 👿 )

If you’re looking for the perfect project to do at a knitting circle where there is frantic gossiping, counting, looking at each other’s work and pattern books, this is the one.

Unfortunately, what with feeling poorly and being pretty exhausted from decorating in the evenings, I kinda kept on picking up Click instead on Eveleen and ….wellll….sort of finished it 😳

This is the finished Click, with needle pockets sewn in, ready for the washing machine…

I was pretty concerned about the curly edges – not much to do about that…. and I had read on the Rowan forum that the pockets had a tendency to felt together. So I cut strips of Sainsbury’s carrier bag and poked them loosely into the pockets – can you believe I actually sat there thinking, “what can I use to poke this down to the bottom of the pocket???” before grabbing a trusty old metal needle – sometimes my brain fails me 😉

It’s chugging away in the machine now….

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  1. lynne
    lynne August 9, 2007 at 5:36 pm |

    I’d be interested to see what it looks like after felting, so i can compare mine with yours. It was my first attempt at felting and i am not sure if it looks right. Unlike you, i didn’t have the foresight to put something in the pockets and instead spent hours trying to re-open them after felting. The curly edges also took a while to rip open. If i get a chance i’ll post a picture of mine on my blog this weekend.

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