Zipperisation of Brooklyn….

I’m powering through Keats – mentioned here in Ode-to-a-Merino-Yarn – I’m on the last sleeve 🙂 Piccies soon!

I finally got fed up with Ben’s Brooklyn Jacket looking imploringly at me for a zip. This is Brooklyn in Rowan Denim of the denim-colour-run-disaster and Where to start with knittie stuff fame.

This was only my second attempt at inserting a zip in a knitted garment – my first (long ago) was so awful that I immediately threw it away in a huge huff. This time I got some expert advice from Jane Crowfoot while on my finishing course then read the part of her book on zips 12 times before starting….

It was a mammoth all day stint of pinning, tacking, sewing along the edge and then backstitching…

Here’s the “Zipperisation” work in progress…

An arty pic of the wrong side showing the backstitch and “whip stitch” (I thought it was called oversewing but what do I know??! 😕 )

And the lovely Ben wearing it!


Completed Knit Report
Pattern:Rowan’s Denim People book
Yarn:Rowan Denim in Black and Ecru
Pattern Problems:No problems but the sleeve cable stripes were scary. There were 7 large bobbins on the go. I’d only previously used bobbins on a course 😮 Putting in a zip 😯 that was hard.
Pattern Modifications:I extended the zip all the way up the collar as Ben prefers it on this type of top. It was a straight edge so very easy to continue the 2 stitch garter stitch facing.
Washing and Wearing:The colours ran very badly in the hot wash required with Rowan Denim to shrink to size. My lovely creamy cables have turned ugly grey. See previous post for details of Rowan’s response. Apart form colour run issues, shrinkage was spot on, washed and dried beautifully. This yarn is fabulously easy care – washing machine and tumble dryer all the way!
Knit It Again???:Yes (if Ben wanted another) but only in the lightest blue because of colour run issues.
Difficulty:Experience Needed (zips and bobbins were challenging)
Rating:4/5 (if you ignore the colour run!)

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  1. polly
    polly February 26, 2007 at 11:34 pm | | Reply

    oh brooklyn is gorgeous. well done to you for finishing it

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