Window Dressing

It’s not knitting but it’s creative so I’m sharing.

I’ve been busy sorting out the window “treatment” for the windows in my spare room now it’s all painted and and clean and bright and lovely. Yes- you can tell I’m pleased with the results!

I’ve made these sheer curtains from crushed voile….

…really easy to do heading…

I love my power tools and jump at any chance to get them out. So, with the aid of my trusty SDS drill (heavy duty drill idea for drilling concrete lintels) a spirit level and some expletives – some of which were stronger than “Damn, Knit and Blast It” đŸ˜¯ – I have put up some curtain poles.

All I have to do now is turn this pile of lovely stuff…

…into fabulous, eyelet topped curtains! Eeek!!

Note to self: Must leave time for some knitting đŸ™„

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