Felting Bagtastic!

Have I ever told you that I HATE having two WIPs in progress?

I like to see project coming together quickly – if I have two WIPs on the go they take twice as long and I get frustrated! 😡

Those of you who have a long list of WIPs scare me! They would all nag at me and keep me awake at night….
I’m currently working on Glade and the Space Invader Socks – this was done out of necessity to give my poorly arm some rest and variation in needle hold. – Unfortunately this means I have no exciting progress to share with you 🙁

Sounds like a good time to break out something from my “pre-blogging”archives! 😀
How do you like this?

This is the Kim Felted Bag pattern by Sue Morgan at Get Knitted, plus a couple of corsages! It’s made with 3 hanks of Debbie Bliss Maya.

I’d never felted before and this was a fabulous intro. I was convinced it wouldn’t work but it did and I love my bag.
The handles are pretty cool – they are solid metal hoops which you cover with a knitted strip. ( Get Knitted sell them for £2 a pair!)

The corsages are crocheted with bits of stash – the large one from a free Coats/Patons pattern in Jaeger Monte Cristo (and a scrap of lurex shimmer)and the smaller in Jaeger pure cotton from Eric Knight’s Essential Crochet. I put them on safety pins so I can move them around.

Flowery close-up…

What really finished the bag was putting in a lining – this wasn’t in the pattern but I felt it cried out for it to stop it sagging. I also felt it need pockets for my essential gadgets…

This is what I ended up with…

I was really please with the pockets and the pink ribbon finished it off. I found a “faggoting” stitch on my sewing machine which divided the pockets very prettily and gave them some strength. (Have I mentioned how I love my sewing machine?)

Close up of the faggoting!

Here’s one of the bag fully laden with gadgets and “girl stuff”!

Note the matching phone and makeup bag!!

A girl simply MUST be coordinated 😀

Completed Knit Report 
Name:Kim Felted Bag
Pattern:Sue Morgan at Get Knitted
Yarn:Debbie Bliss Maya
Pattern Problems:None
Pattern Modifications:Added corsages and lining with pockets
Washing and Wearing:Felted really well and has been used to death.Seems very hard wearing with the lining
Knit It Again???:Yes!
Difficulty:Very easy knit, bit fiddely to sew up but the felting will cover all sins!
Rating:5/5 Love it!

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  1. krisleon
    krisleon April 23, 2007 at 12:58 pm | | Reply

    That is very nice.

  2. Laia
    Laia April 23, 2007 at 8:52 pm | | Reply

    Susan, I adore your bag!!! it looks so professional! I wish I could sew like you, I never know how to line a knitted bag… I think the finishing touches are absolutely fantastic, and the colour is very pretty too 🙂

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