Innocent Smoothie Hat Addiction

Edit 11 July 2007 I seem to have had finger trouble and deleted all my piccies from this post – I’ve attempted to put them back in – sorry !

** Warning – Photo Heavy post***

I thought I’d knit a couple of hats for the Innocent Smoothie Campaign to raise money for Age Concern. After all – I plan to be one of the “Aged”in the distant future…and my Mum has been there for some time! (Thank God she doesn’t have a computer – I’d be for it if she saw that comment 😉 )

The hats get put on the little smoothie bottles in shops and Age Concern get 50p for each one sold. Once made, you post them off to Innocent and they coordinate sending them out.

These hats are seriously addictive! Once I got started it was hard to stop….

Fairisle ones…

Stripey ones…

Fun fur and boucle…

Stripes and fairisle

Kimono ribbon (I want one for me!)

Beady and fairisle…

And some more… (spot the 1970’s random dye acrylic!)

Lace and beads…

Different stitch patterns…

One to match my Fluffy Wuffy Gloves

And my favourites – Lambs tails!


And finnally one of my haul posing together…

My model is one of a pair of china cats I bought on a lovely day out with Ben to Camden market – The cat doesn’t look very pleased at having silly hats on his ears though!
Most undignified!

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  1. arianwen
    arianwen June 7, 2007 at 8:41 pm | | Reply

    They are lovely hats and cats, I think you owe the cats a hat each instead of a modeling fee!

  2. lin
    lin June 13, 2007 at 2:39 pm | | Reply

    Fab hats and they all look good on cat!

  3. Making those cute little hats again… December 22, 2018 at 1:38 pm |

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