Garden’s Knitting Chair

When the sun is out, I like to knit in the garden.

I can look at my tiny patch of garden, dream of the days in a previous home when I renovated huge garden, get a tan and watch over my emerging vegetables. I can also chase off the evil magpies who have been stealing my tiny carrots but that is another story entirely. (Anybody who mentions “Scare-Crowe” will be reported to the evil yarn pixies that tangle your yarn and drop your stitches in the dead of night….)

The problem is….my fabulously comfortable cast iron and wood rocking chair, rescued from a junk shop in New Cross (S.E. London), has been rapidly disintegrating! It was in a pretty poor state when I bought it two years ago and unsurprisingly hasn’t improved for being left out in all weathers.

I also have a problem that Thug fights me for pride of place on the chair (and on the tumbling blocks cushion in Rowan Felted Tweed!)…

Several of the slats have dissolved and I hold my breath each time I gently lower my tentative buttocks onto it’s protesting frame…

Time for action !

This was the poor sorry chair before we took it in hand…

We couldn’t find wood the right size to replace the slats so out came my big, scary, laser sighted circular saw to chop wood to the right size…

Then the old bolts were rusted together – nothing was going to move them…

Time to buy an angle grinder!! (I mentioned previously in Window Dressing that I love my power tools!) I must say, the sparks from an angle grinder on big metal bolts are pretty impressive! 😀

I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo to show you 🙁

Once the chair was dismantled, all that was left was some nifty painting and putting back together. That took two days!

Now I have a chair that is worthy of finest yarns….

Great things will be created from this chair…. 😉

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  1. arianwen
    arianwen May 6, 2007 at 7:45 pm |

    The Chair is lovely I can see why Thug was fighting you for it. Now you have painted it to show off his fine fur I doubt you will get it back!

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