Completed Knit Report

Glade is Finished!

I have finally finished Glade and I have to say – I’m not a happy knitter. After slogging through 10 pattern repeats on the bottom hem and spending another Β£20 on extra yarn I was looking forward to something fabulous. I blogged all about the needle size problems and “yarn munching” in my previous Glade […]

Holy Gigantic Space Invaders!!

The Knitty Space Invader socks are finished!! I eagerly grafted the toe this morning – 76 stitches of Kitchener stitch – euck!! Hmmmm….They are far from perfect but Ben likes them! πŸ™‚ It really bugs me when I can’t get thing “right”….. Holy sock heels, Batman! Here’s a problem…. The heel and toe is turned […]

Felting Bagtastic!

Have I ever told you that I HATE having two WIPs in progress? I like to see project coming together quickly – if I have two WIPs on the go they take twice as long and I get frustrated! 😑 Those of you who have a long list of WIPs scare me! They would all […]

Learning Fair Isle – First Socks

I promised I’d show you these, from my extensive “Pre-Blogging Archives” in my last post, Fair Isle Space Invaders. They are my “I’m gonna teach myself Fair Isle” project socks from Rowan’s RYC Classic Home book – the Snuggle bed socks. I made these a couple of years ago. I wanted something small that I […]

Keats is Finished!

I finally did it. I completed grafting Keats. For those of you who didn’t witness the full horror of my monumental blunder, see the dissection of Keats here Arrghh, I’ve Broken My Knitting And the more hopeful start Ode to a Merino Yarn. It was gruelling but I think worth it. Lots of piccies for […]

Zipperisation of Brooklyn….

I’m powering through Keats – mentioned here in Ode-to-a-Merino-Yarn – I’m on the last sleeve πŸ™‚ Piccies soon! I finally got fed up with Ben’s Brooklyn Jacket looking imploringly at me for a zip. This is Brooklyn in Rowan Denim of the denim-colour-run-disaster and Where to start with knittie stuff fame. This was only my […]

Dolly bag ….a bag for my dollies?

I was taking a peek at Diva Maggie’s blog and saw she was doing the Rowan International free gift – the Dolly bag. I said, “Ohhh, I’ve done that too” Maggie said, “It’s not on your blog- let us see????” So here is the little beastie… I really enjoyed doing this bag, even the finger […]

Willow jacket – All Buttoned Up

As promised, a piccie of the finished, button clad Willow… I wish I’d made a size larger – it’s OK but a little snug – I imagined it being huge and snuggley and loose. Here’s the buttons…. It was amazingly hard to find a button that matched. I went to John Lewis (where it was […]

Sublime “The Big Frill” Bolero

Knitting progress is slow πŸ™ Decorating progress is good πŸ™‚ The paint is dry, the radiator is back on and kicking out much needed heat, furniture and junk back in the room. I am no longer in painty poo clothes and covered head to toe with dust – deep joy. The room looks 100 times […]

Spangle Gloves & Scarf Set Be-Ribboned and Finished

It’s All Done!!! I have finally finished these gloves after lots of frogging and swearing trying to get the second cuff right πŸ™‚ They match the spangle scarf posted about here spangle-scarf-in-woven-cables and here spangle-scarf-done. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by poking my fingers under the twists of cables and wondering how […]

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