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I Haz LOLinated Yur blog…

OK. It’s not knitting….. It’s geeky, cute, cat based, Laugh Out Loud internet fun…. Click HERE to see my blog LOLinated!! I LOLinated my blog using the LOLinator….. Try it if you have a blog! Bad Susan – get back to the Blankie edging….. (I tell you that edging is so dull ANYTHING will distract […]

I’ve Been Banned!

After my last blog post, I rushed off to my needles and cast on the Judie Jacket…. Woosh! 😛 I had the back done in a couple of nights! OK, that “Woosh” included using beautiful Namaste glass needles for the rib – they were too slippery and heavy and made the stitches huge – I […]

Ghaaa! I’ve snapped!

…they say pride goes before a fall…. Little Miss “I only work on one project at once” must confess to starting a third WIP 😳 I was being very good. I was totally focussed on the Blankie (72 out of 81 squares done). I was even managing to resist the allure of an insanely fine […]

What type of knitter am I?

I was a bit ambitious to say “The end of the blankie is in sight”! I’ve managed another 6 squares of the Blankie – That brings me up to 58 out of 81 squares or 71.34% (OK…I am getting a little bit obsessed with the progress reports…..) I know it’s not super exciting but here’s […]

My Daisy Scarf Has Been Ravelryified….

If you read any number of knitting blogs, you will have already heard of Ravelry. I was luck enough to hear about Ravelry quite early on in it’s quest for Beta testers and got my invite in July. If you want to look me up, my username is the fabulously imaginative “susancrowe”…. For those of […]

Blankie – The end is coming into view!

Wow! This Blanket is a bigger project than I anticipated. I have been really “going for it” and I still have only achieved 52 out of 81 squares (Thats 64% !) Here’s the heap of blanket that quietly evolving in the corner…. Ben has now got used to the sight of me with a bad […]

Blankie, Overdue Curtains and Schrodinger’s Cat

Do you remember the curtains I was about to make after decorating my spare room? No, not the bedroom I’m doing the Denim Blankie for. The room I did before that? Unfortunately, because the dates on my blog posts don’t lie, there is documentary proof that it’s taken me since February to make the curtains […]

It's hard work owning a knitting human...

It’s hard work owning a knitting human…

Hello readers. It’s Thug here.I thought it was time that you were told about the hard work my sister, Mewsley, and I put in to support our pet human’s knitting habit. Mewsley and I have wanted to blog for some time. The humans have gone out hunting (at a hunting ground they call “supermarket”) so […]

When Felting Turns Bad….

My knitting news this week isn’t the stuff that will make an enthralling blog post…. I haven’t touched Eveleen but I’ve made lots more blankie squares (I’ve now done 30 out of 81 required!) There. That was dull huh? Don’t change channel yet readers! I think it’s time to share with you the reason I […]

Denim Blankie Dilemas…

Just in case you’re wondering why I have started speaking like a four year old and calling this project my “Denim Blankie” …………blame Mel Brooks’ The Producers… “I need my blue blankie!” 😀 I thought I’d share some of my thought processes behind this project with you. When this way too long post gets dull […]