What to Do When Travelling for 20 Hours…

I am very brown and very relaxed. I’ve just come back from Mauritius!

The lovely Ben and I have had an eventful year, job wise and needed to lay on a beach and do nothing… Almost nothing…There was some knitting 😀

As the title suggests the journey was about 20 hours door to door so there was opportunity for some serious knitting (and sleeping and movie watching and eating!)

I managed to complete a birthday present for the lovely Ben (a week before Christmas!) and do half a scarf for me 🙂

Ben’s prezzie:

Boring, though easy to take on a plane – I rustled up a pair of socks for Ben using the plain, free Regia 4ply sock pattern and a stashed ball of Lang Jawoll Magic in green.  The bamboo dpns for these socks never raise an eyebrow with airport security 🙂

Here’s the completed, quite large socks!

Almost matching!

I was a bit miffed with myself that I didn’t get them identical but they are near enough. Be aware, I only just had enough yarn in the ball to complete them so, if I’d been fussier about the pattern matching, they might not have worked. I made the largest size as, when I used this yarn for myself with these socks, I found it felted slightly in the washing machine after a few wears.

Ones I made ages ago for me

Ben was very pleased with his socks on his birthday and immediately put them on while he was “noodling” with his Birthday gift of a “Novation Circuit Groove Box with Synth, Drum Machine and Sequencer” (Translation: Box with flashing lights to create drums in electronic music 😉 ) If you’re interested, it’s the gizmo on the left of his toes, with the lights and knobs, in the action shot!

I understand as much about that lot as Ben does about knitting…..

Bree Scarf:

So did I make anything for myself? Of course!

At least two years ago at  The Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching show I bought a little kit for the “Bree Scarf” from Silk Indian. It’s just one skein of the most beautifully dyed pure silk combined with a clever use of a linen stitch (K1, S1 purlwise, next row purl!). The way the colours pool and combine is lovely and, although the pattern is easy, I was driven on by watching the pools of colour emerge. Perfect beach knitting as the silk doesn’t stick to sweaty, suncreamy hands (Top Tip: NEVER knit Kidsilk Haze on a beach!!)

I didn’t finish the scarf but this is now my train knitting as it’s small enough to hide in a little handbag.

Just look at this (unpressed) beauty!

Pretty huh?

Some close ups? ok…

I’m really enjoying this although it’s simple.

And how was the holiday? Wonderful. Relaxing. Indulgent.

We were lazy and really didn’t leave the hotel (except for a catamaran trip to go snorkelling).

When you have this view from your sunlounger and a pile of knitting – why would you?

Completed Knit Report 
Name:Ben’s green socks
Pattern:free Regia 4ply sock pattern
Yarn:Lang Jawoll Magic
Pattern Problems:No, but I made a larger size
Pattern Modifications:picked up a couple of extra stitches for the instep
Washing and Wearing:Previous par in this yarn felted slightly – don’t tumble dry!
Knit It Again???:Oh, Yes.
Other Postings Relating To This One:None 

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  1. Jane Ungemuth
    Jane Ungemuth December 22, 2016 at 6:30 pm | | Reply

    Delighted you and Ben enjoyed a wonderful and well deserved holiday!! Jane x

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