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Where Have You Been?

Oh Gosh! Over 2 months since my last blog post – you must be imagining the worst 😮 Massive apologies 🙁 Don’t panic! There is absolutely nothing seriously or medically wrong. I have just been struggling with a combination of my normal SKS (Summer Knitting Slump), loosing my beloved blogging muse, Thug (3 pictures of his daft […]

Famous Friends – Janie B.

Squee! News, hot off the press from the Guilty Knitters…. We have a famous knitting designer friend in out midst! One of the founder members of the Guilty Knitters, Janie B., has been chosen to be one of the designers for the IKnit sock club.!! We (the Guilty Knitters) have watched Janie carefully work and […]

Oh, This is Too Hard!

Ghaaaah!My head hurt from smashing it repeatedly onto my desk … This pattern is not well written. I’m still plugging away at Elizabeth from Kim Hargreaves. After finding the errata and having to reknit the back, I quite naturally, started on the front. (this post does get more exciting – I promise…) All was going […]

I Need You for Socks!

“I need you for Socks!”, I said as I burst into the room. Ben looked simultaneously excited, confused and a little bit scared. “No, I said SOCKS – put these on and make pretty for the camera”, I said as I waved my latest piece of commuting knitting at him…. “Oh”, said Ben, “Socks…” He […]

I Need a Luxurious Treat…

Firstly I must say thank you for all the wonderful message of support and sympathy on my last post about poor Thug. You have no idea how much you all helped me. Huge hugs to all you guys 😀 So. How has the knitting faired through all the upset? Unfortunately, I really wasn’t in the […]


I am heartbroken to have to tell you, we made the painful decision to have Thug put to sleep Thursday evening. He has been showing his age and loosing weight gradually for the last year although the vet could find nothing wrong.  Over the last couple of weeks he suddenly got very sick and weak […]

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