Spangle Gloves & Scarf Set Be-Ribboned and Finished

It’s All Done!!!
I have finally finished these gloves after lots of frogging and swearing trying to get the second cuff right 🙂

They match the spangle scarf posted about here spangle-scarf-in-woven-cables and here spangle-scarf-done.

Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated by poking my fingers under the twists of cables and wondering how it had holes but wasn’t holey. After absent mindedly doing this to my gloves, I decided to thread some ribbon through to finish them off – I’m not sure if it’s too much? Whatdoyouthink???

…and here’s the complete, ribbon bedecked set…

I learnt a big lesson.

If you’re going to fiddle with the pattern on something that’s a pair, make proper notes when you’re doing the first one so the second one matches! I’m not a dim person (no really) but sometimes I do the stupidest things …

On my last post on these gloves, playing-with-spangle-gloves, I showed you how far I got before realising that the cuff was too small for my hand to get in the glove.

I got to the same point again, confidently whizzing round the rows, feeling chuffed with myself (N.B. Pride really does go before a fall – or at least a dropped stitch) when I noticed I didn’t have as many rows of twists in the cuff. Rip, rip, rip back to the cuff and added a few more rows…..then I noticed I’d missed two rows of stocking stitch before doing the first row of cables. You wouldn’t have thought it’d show but it screamed at me…rip, rip, rip. This mistake was in row 5 – I couldn’t pick up the stitches again – it fell apart, rip, rip. Start again from the cast on. 😥

I think I’ve now knit the equivalent of 5 gloves to get one pair!

So, this is what I should have done first time around if you want a pair! (Sorry I can’t give you the whole pattern but copyright issues etc…)

Spangle Gloves

Copy of the Unisex glove pattern from One Skein

1.5 balls Rowan Soft Lux
4.5mm DPNs throughout.
Cable needle

Cast on 56 stitches using long tail cast on.
Work 4 rounds K2, P2 rib. Work 2 rounds knit.


Row1: *C4B. Repeat from * to end of round.

Row 2-6: Knit

Row 7: K4, *C4F. Repeat from * to last 4 stitches of round. C4F by putting last 4 stitches of round on cable needle, knit first 4 stitches of next round, knit stitches from cable needle. (if you use a marker for your end of round it should be in the middle of these 8 stitches)

Row 8-12: Knit

Repeat these rows until the cuff is as long as you want stop after a cabley row (1 or 7) and continue from “Wrist decreases”- a friend said she like to see them as long glove….up to you! I did rows 1-12 then rows 1-7.

Wrist decreases

Knit 1 round

Decrease row: (K4, K2tog) repeat to end of round – should have 48 stitches.

Knit 1 round

Decrease again round: (K3, K2tog) repeat to end of round – must have 39 stitches for pattern to work – add or take a K2tog and double check stitches!!

***This is the point at which I just followed the unisex glove in One Skein*** Your next line of pattern to follow is “Thumb gusset”…Good luck!

Completed Knit Report

Name Spangle Gloves (to match Spangle Scarf)
Pattern Based on Unisex glove in One Skein – woven cables added to cuff
Yarn Rowan Soft Lux
Pattern problems Cables have very little give and pulled in much more than I anticipated so I had to knit the man’s size cuff and decrease rapidly at the wrist- my hands are tiny though. For normal hands it would pay to use a larger needle for the cuff – I used 4.5mm DPNs throughout.
Pattern modifications See text above….
Washing and wearing Not tried washing – quite thick but very warm to wear
Knit it again? Possibly
Difficulty Medium – 4 needles and a cable needle on such a small item took some mastering
Rating 3/5 (I’m still not entirely happy with the fit of the cuff)

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  1. Ruth
    Ruth March 15, 2007 at 2:08 pm | | Reply

    Hi Susan

    I am from the Rowan forum – thank you for sending me the link for the gloves andscarf – I so love cable – Aran is something I just love doing. I am not really a 4 needle knitter, but am determined to master it (although I am an older lady) but I have daughters, and god daughters who I know would love both the gloves and the scarf – I like the ribbon through the wrist, especially for the younger god daughters.

    Thank you very much for all this information and I will be logging on to your blog regularly ( I view Rowan every day)

    I really enjoy seeing handcrafts done beautifully, in my opinion, you are a very clever and artistic person.

    Many thanks

  2. Kerri
    Kerri November 3, 2009 at 11:45 pm | | Reply

    Thank-you so much for this link! This will be a really nice Christmas present for someone 🙂

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